To whom may concern about me, I get 6.5 for my IELTS.
Reading 7.0 Listening 7.0 Writing 5.5 Speaking 6.0
Being a athlete is hard, i will compare myself with others, and thats the weapon that kill me this time.
IF you see me, you can see how not happy I am.
I know what i capable of and i know I can get far more better than this result.
But, as a little student in the world, i can do nothing to change this.
because this is the TRUTH and what I think as a tiny student is NOT TRUTH
am I over-estimate myself?
I guess not, i am still stick with my mind

5 shell(s):

Teddy said...

not bad not bad..
writing a little weak..
me oso.. im weak in writing..
working harder!!! add oil!!!!

reading n listening very simple actually, can get 9.0 wan!!! coz the answers are all there... I got 9.0 for those two!! u can oso!!!! keep up the good work, k...!!

it depends on how u compare, if u compare positively, then it will give u the motivation to strive harder n become better!!

get wat i mean?! hehe... jia you ba!!!!

Sapphire_b@@n said...

yeeee.dun sad la!
I'm sure u can do it!
But maybe sometimes we have bad luck!Dun easily give up like wat u always motivate me!!!

zhang said...

duhn compare lah...
we r not good enough to compare...

cheer up~~
at least u din fail rit??
it's enough ad~~

linzaivernon said...

if u work harder, then i work harder

llq said...

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