Juz come back from really tiring jogging (or running in a sense of competing perhaps?)
Me, Cim Seng(am I spell it right?), wei zhang , wei ren and jia xin go for a run at the park today....
MM....it was nice to have friends who born with the same hobby as urs
Going to train and train a lot more..
I win cim seng today ^^V
I purposely let him walk to the 1/4 of the running track then only we start the run
LOL, I win!!!
u hu~~~
happy to have u all as my friends

4 shell(s):

zhang said...

so wat???
so chuan!!!!

nanalyhui said...

chin sem...please correct the spelling...
oi~why everyone keep updating their blogs??LOL

lestermichael said...

I'm planning to go jogging over the weekend...hahaha

Anonymous said...

I admit u r faster than me. Afterall, I m not the runner type person. And...My full name is Chang Chin Sem.

Good luck in IELTS!