When all my classes for the day has ended. I feel like not going home by walking because of the terrible weather in Vancouver
So I choose to take the shuttle bus to go back to my rez and save that slippery and dangerous 15 mins walk back home.

It is kinda new to me because I never take a shuttle bus to go back to my rez before.

So just when I was on the bus, an old lady approached me and asked me
"Whats your name, young man?"
"My name is Lung, Whats your?"

She is in her seventies, I was wondering what is she doing here in UBC, so I asked

"So what makes you here?"
"O, I was here to swim"

Yup, I was shocked at that moment like you did.

"Wow, thats great! When did u start swimming?"
"Actually I just start today"
"Why will u suddenly have the thought to learn swimming?"
"Well, life is short and sometimes we have got to do something we like before we couldn't. I doesnt have much time for myself when I was young, but now I had. So now I start to do things I like."

Her words stunned me. Feel like every bad things in my life is gone. I saw hope on her.
And most importantly, I saw a life on her.

Just when we were talking, a little boy approached to the bus and ask the bus driver

"Does this bus go to UBC?"
The bus driver replied
"Young boy, I think we are already there!"

The boy is so cute and I laughed from the bottom of my heart when I saw his cute yet chubby little face.

That makes my day. And all of that happened in the bus swept away all the bad memories of mine few months ago.

The world is still so big for us to discover and life is meant to be happy.
I was once told that if I could use my enthusiastic toward sport onto study, I sure will did well in my exam.
And here I am, ready for the new year and new term.
Life is simple, live it or quit it
And yeah, I am filled with passion right now.

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Teddy said...

"live it or quit it" sounds a little harsh dear...

later some ppl come read ur blog, feel depressed, n then go kill themselves, how?

u tanggung?!


i wish i can speak to that old lady though..

but frankly didnt u notis that the culture of the old in the west n east is different?

the old in the west still spend time outside, go around, shop, work and things..

but in the east is stay at home watch tv.. (most of them la) heheh..

Mrs.Winson~~ said...

so spirited!

linzaivernon said...

i love u, snail.

by old lady

cj6455 said...

haha stupid young man who does not know where is UBC...lolz

galaxy0412 said...

quite a nice experience...
making ppl having spirit continue to fight...
anyway, hope tis will keeping on burning in ur spirit...
found u re not updating ur blog as before..
busy with study now?
how is ur study going on?

sN@iL0810 said...

6 subjects this term, might not be update my blog as frequen as before @@