I dunno why the blue feeling strike me so hard.

I feel like I am not me anymore.
The passion of life has gone.

far away

I am so dead and I can feel nothing right now.
The weather is cold and I already forget when was the last time I feel contented to myself.

Still, my nose will be painful when the weather gets too cold.
Still, I think here doesnt suit me well.
And still, I can't convince myself that I will stay here for four years.

This is the reason why I start to explore as many places as I can in Canada last term.
I scare I won't have the chance to do it afterward.

I miss the feeling of sweating under hot sun
I miss the feeling of getting home and having those warm well boiled soup on the dining table.

I am not sure since when I start to only look down on the road when I was walking.
I have a sense of insecure here which makes me feel like I am inferior among people here.

The used to be on top and happy go lucky me diminished in myself.

sorry if I did any you-might-feel-wrong-choice here.

I am just so not Canadian

I am down.

And I really am.

3 shell(s):

zhang said...

wan meh~
cheer up man~ ^^

xiaowei said...

it just takes time. you are not a Canadian of course, you are...

--> lee lung =)

galaxy0412 said...

tis blog shock me as tis is not the previous leelung i know...
dun to be too negative lo, as wat u always tell me before ...hehe...
try not to let tis blue feeling takes u... be confident lo...
then everything will be better de...
find us out for tea when u back to skc later la...haha...