Well well, here come the story of my topsy-turvy trip
The first thing we did when we reached airport is check-in

The check-in system is fantastic.
You actually need to check-in using the machine provided which doesnt have any instruction with it.
You might feel that it is convenient, but it actually isnt, I would say that the system is bad. Like bad bad bad!
Everyone were stuck in front of the machine and wondering how to operate the machine.

WE completes our check in by 7:35am while our flight is at 8.00am
Phew~ I thought we will be on time.

But we are not. The next thing we saw in airport is in a chaos, tonnes of people with delayed flight were in airport. People are like bowling pins spread all over the ground. Some people wait for the whole day for their flight to depart from Vancouver airport.
And after been through much disaster (I shorten the story to prevent boreness)
We had boarded the plan, We were in the aeroplane and ready to rock the plane.

Plane delayed.
The total time of delayed time are 8 hours

And what pissed me off the most is we were in the plane and our butt is on the chair for like 6 hours.
Oh~~~Air KANada~~~~

They swipe away the snow from the plane when everyone is inside, couldn't they think of a better way to do it? Or just do it before they let the passenger board to the plane?

I mean I would rather stay inside the airport than to stay inside the plane. At least I dun need to ee those overage Air Stewardesses.

Ok. Case close.*you bet*
It continues with water leakage

It looks like they were asking water from the Air Stewardesses but they weren't.

Well. There is more things come out

We were starving in the plane. Who dun get hungry after waiting for like 8 hours and on a 4 hours flight? Thats like half day already man!
But still, they only sell chips and chocolate.
I swear I was starving that time and I was imaginating those Air Stewardesses' legs as drumstick which allow me to bite on it.
Again, problem comes again.

The flight is smooth and it finally reached its destination.

Then the captain said:

"I know you all are getting bore with my sound but I still need to inform you all that now Toronto airport have no gateway to let the aeroplane "parking"

WHAT??? another half hour gone again.

And then, comes the best part. Delayed luggage.

I tried to call the airport and the Air KANada for three days but no one answer it.
Then I went to the airport because I havent bath for like three days and my legs are smelly ennough to kill a fly who usually travel around on the shit.

Then the staff there told me.

"There are like thousande of luggage there, you should be lucky enough to find one"

When I go in, its like a chaos, luggages are everywhere. Its like somebody DIYed and left their white stuff all over the place.

So after some effort of searching, we finally found our beloved luggage.
We actually spend three days sharp to get our luggage.

Salute you!

Oh KANada~~~~its not other than that finger that we use to express ourselves

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