I think I am still not ready

And the fact is, I had never been
I never take the four years as a serious one ever since the first day I saw the word

If you said I had been given a good chance to be here and stand on this ground and I should appreciate what I have got.
I will tell you
"I already had enough of it, perhaps its actually more than you can think of"

What if I said I am out of here?
What if I said goodbye Vancouver?

Take me as a laughing stock, I dun care

Because what I want is my life back.

My pride, my glory, my legacy

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Anonymous said...

so what did you mean that you want your pride and legacy back? given a chance to study in canada, you can stil have them. it is just the way on how you perceive things. set aside the homesick-ness which i assume you are enduring now, wouldnt it a better option if you stop whining and get started your very own new life in vancouver?

humans are never satisfied. this is very true.

linzaivernon said...

up there is clarence?