Songs is always something in my life.
When I feel sad, I listen to it
When I feel happy, I listen to it.
And even when I go to toilet, I will listen to it too.

Its the thing you can access to antyime. When everything around you is not right, put your earphone on and the world will be yours again.

I am that kind of people who can listen to one song over and over again in certain time without getting bore with it. But its temporary. So my favourite song tend to change once in a week.

There are some song that actually marked the stages I had been through in my life.

They all have certain meaning to me. When the rhytm starts, I tend to fall into deep thoughts myself.
I call it learning. The learning of every stage of your life.

你记得吗 by 胡彦斌
Its like the first chinese song I start to hear. It has certain meaning for me. If there is a word for it, it would be naive.

The second one would be I believe (My sassy girl theme song)
Whenever I play the song on my ipod, I will have a special feeling. It feels like I did something bad, but it was because I was still not mature enough to handle anything serious.
And of course, I can remember those scenes in the movie. It is still on of my favourite movie till now.

The third one is Pretty boy by M2M
This song represent the downest moment of my life. But still, I am glad that this song come to me. It makes me grows up a lot.

The fourth one is 朋友-周华健
Its not about anything in the song that make this song special. Its about when and where I sing it. And the moment I sing it. This song marks the end of sweet 16 in my life. Out of all, I think this is the one I love the most after all these years.

The fifth one is 隐型的翅膀-张韶涵
What I like is the pureness and the feeling. The word for it would be dream. The dream of striving for a better future.

And the last one is Selfish-N'sync
The lyric is just perfect. The word for it would be miracle. There isnt a lot of miracle in my life, but I am luckily enough to have this one as miracle. =)

But one song never gets old to me.

The song name is "Lee Lung", I can play it anyway I like, with my own story in it. Its noisy sometimes, but still, I like it a lot. And I have never worry how long the song is, because when the time comes, it will stop itself.

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