Just wanted to say there are a lot of thing I felt like going back to the time and fix it.

Its not what dictionary classified as "regret". If you think I am, I am not. Sometime I am just thinking what I could have done to make the life now a total different episode. Some people come at the wrong time, and there are always some wrong people come in at the right time as well.

Thats just what life is, you can never get the best because this is the only way to keep you alive and chasing what you want.
But when you have got the best, you would dream of better.

Its just human, the reason why human were different from any other things.

At times, I would miss you, and I would miss those moment.
I know exactly where to reach you, but I just cant touch you anymore.

Instead of saying you are my best friend, I would say you belongs to the family. And you are one little thing that I am now not able to hold in life. When you choose to go, I expect the worst of you. I hope you are better in the other place now.

I really hope you do. I love you. You will be missed.
When the dawn is near, I know its the time to let you go.

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an 'meaningful' diary...