Since I came here I always have a question to myself.

Why cant I score high grade in exam or even a small test?
At first I was blaming this to my poor english standard. But as the time goes and my english skill is building up, I dont see any improvement in my grade still.

I feel like its not something I can control within me anymore. No matter how hard I try to study for a subject I feel like its impossible to go beyond the gate that I had "technically set" for the first test result I had here. Thats just it.
Its like having something in your hand, but you can never have more because its too far away from you.

C'est la vie, n'est ce pas?

Being in Arts is funny, your professor will tell you that grammar isnt really the main subject in exam's essay, the most important is your idea. But the truth is grammar does a great shitload of things. Even if you doesnt know anything about the question, you can still squeeze something out and get some marks, or even full marks.

I am not the one who really care about the marks. But the point is I just want to find a reason why is that so. I study for the content rather than test. I study whenever I feel like it.

Currently learning how to solve rubik's cube faster and learning korean. Why? Because I feel like learning it.

:) cinquante-huit journee a maison

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linzaivernon said...

god damn, how much u did? rubik, fastest

sN@iL0810 said...

55sec, you?