What I did in 2009
2009 was great despite of the swine flu, economy crisis, people losing jobs, but still, it was a great year for me.

I had been to six countries, 7 if you count Macau as one in 2009.

2009 set the down-est record for my mood so far. January 2009, I can still remember vividly how my mood was affected by the result I got for the first semester. It was devastating, I was homesicking, desperating, and food craving for that time.
Trapping in the foreign country without the support and accompany of your family is hard, you have got to do everything by yourself, and you have got to know that its no one but you.You got to buck up and face the coming challenges. Love it or leave it, thats the thing I learnt.

Then just in a blink of time I am home. Nothing can ever beat the feeling of home. I have only one home, because home is built with love and dreams, but house is just made of sand and stone. I may have a lot of places to stay, but home, just one.
There is nothing half pleasant as going back home again.

2009 was probably the year where I had the most buffet lunch and dinner in my 20 years life. I believe I had eaten more than 200 salmon sushis for the past year.

Been to Hong Kong. It was really a great trip, but it could be better without the swine flu.

Bangkok, May 2009. Travelling with friends. Had some jokes that will never ever be forgotten. I realized that squating in front of 7-eleven eating maggie mee can actually enjoyable :) I had so much time well spent with you guys and seriously if the time would just stop for one second, I would grab the chance to spend that one second with you guys.

Bali family trip, June 2009. Travelling with family member is definitely the best thing in life. And of course, I had the chance to meet my brother whom I have not seen for 1.5 years. I really wonder sometimes why is he so different than me. But one thing I can be sure of, we share the lameness. And we absorb each others' lameness and make use of it.
And because of this trip, we promise each other to have a family trip in June for every coming years.

Its funny how three of us ended up pursuing our dream in different regions on the earth , I am at the north hemisphere, he is at the south hemisphere, and he is in the middle of the earth. Three of us experience three different timezone and culture, but still, we share the same blood.

Melacca, June 2009. You can get the best chicken rice here, it is seriously very berry strawberry delicious. Would definitely go back again for the chicken rice alone. How nice it is? I would say I wouldnt mind driving for three hours to Melacca just to have that chicken rice then drive back home. Eat is always a big part of me.

June 209. Pulau Redang, Malaysia. Probably the best island in Malaysia. Recommended for couple as well as a bunch of friends. One thing that I saw in the island make me fall into deep thoughts. The workers there are mainly immigrants. They are really good in term of providing services.
At first I saw one of the workers there holding something and walk to a corner alone. I thought he was planning for something bad. But it turns out he wasnt. He was actually trying to find a silent place to read a letter alone. I can never forget the smile from his face when he was reading the letter. That is just so natural and full of love. When he is done reading it, he kisses the letter and go back to work again. He saw me on the way back to work, and he nodded to me and smile, and that is, one of the best smile I had ever seen in my life.
Working abroad is hard, but it is not when you have the support from your family.
That might just be a letter for any other person, but for him, its something that he couldnt afford to lose.

September 2009. Gathering with friends can never be more fun, you get to know everyone's stories and of course, secrets as well. Sendoff two of my best friend to study in US. Went to sing K almost every twice a week that time, those are the crazy time, but yea, I love it.

Summer 2009. Went back to the things that I once lost interest in, Petanque.

August 2009, Got my first ever DSLR, partly due to the horrible incident I faced where I lost my camera.

Summer + Fall + Winter 2009 Learnt how to solve a rubic's cube online. Now I can solve it within one minute. Finally decided to have something lively in my room, so I start to take up the responsibility of petting fish, and it really helps. As the picture shown, I got to save a little money as well.

December 2009. Before the end of 2009, I got the chance to fly over to achieve my American dream. The country was good. Though its not that good as what I was imagine before but still, its a great trip and I learnt a lot of things during the trip.

Till then, my wish for 2010 is simple.
Better than 2009 :)

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wjleong said...

great post, great life... i mean... yea, the only one home, maggie mee in front of 7 eleven, and most importantly, the smile in Pulau Redang. have a great year ahead! =)