10 things I learnt in USA

1. The carts in US airport are not provided for free.
At first I was shocked when I saw Seattle Tacoma Airport actually charge people 5 bucks for using those cart to pull their luggage. Same thing in New York, they dun offer carts for free in JFK airport as well.

2. US people say excuse me instead of sorry

When I was discussing about how to differentiate between Canadian and American, the only difference we found was that they dun say sorry when they accidently bump into people, they say excuse me instead.

3. New York is not as pretty as how it is potraited through media.
In Chinese proverb we say "Gold outside, bad things inside"(I know its a bad translation)
I was hoping to see like the real "New York City" as what it looks like on TV, and I failed. Everything town or city has its own flaws, even the biggest city in the world.

4. Count down in Timesquare is overrated
Maybe people just enjoy the crowd, but I am not really enjoying it. I would prefer more show on the stage rather than just show the crowd some ads and MTV

5. Washington DC might be the city that I will end up living in someday
Some town have its own kind of attraction, this one just fit me best.

6. US people appreciate their history a lot
People can queue for like two or three hours to see a piece of constitution made 200+ years ago.
At some countries, people will only queue up to buy lottery or toto.

7. Travel to some boring places can be fun if you are with the right people.

8. In Malaysia, talking about politic and government is what you wouldnt want to do, but in US and Canada, its the only thing they do.

9. People in US are generally fatter
The result of consuming too much fried food. You can see an overweight people in every four person I guess. Thats why size XXXXL is never too large for them.

10. The tenth and the last one, 路遥知马力,日久见人心.
You will never know someone enough until you really get to know them. lol. Both good and bad side. :)

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like this.

Yuen Yee said...

like reading this. And i love sake too!!!!!!