I don't usually like to speak about politic.

When I do, it must be something that had happened really annoyed me or its because I feel like there is a need for me to do so.

I feel like I have the urge to speak something for this country at this very moment.

Since I was small, I was told to work harder than others because we are not the majority of this country. We have the need to work harder than others so that people can see us and recognize us.

And so I did.

I wouldnt say I have much of an accomplishment now. But I can humbly say I at least am representing my country for the moment.
Trust me, I have more love to this country than I could possibly written it all out here.
I love the country like how I love my family, because without the country, there wouldn't be me.

I knew you since the first day I was borned. Everything I had with you is definitely the best I could ever get in life.
"I thought I knew you"

You were one of the 17 mega diversed countries. You were the song that we all sing to commemorate the death of those warriors who claimed the land from the dictator. You were the home for thousands and thousands of elites and families. You were the greatest nation dominate the world industry of rubber and palm oil.

You gave me the most joy and excitement that I couldnt find anywhere else in this earth. You have the best food and the best places to visit in the countries. You have a great system that bond people from different races together.

And most importantly, you were my home. You were the closest friend that I had ever made in my life. Those 50 years of history have proved that you are strong enough to overcome any fear of people have had for this country. You once told the world you are the place where everyone can live under one roof peacefully.

To quote Margaret Atwood "Perhaps that's been my difficulty in writing you this letter: I'm not sure I know what's really going on."
The situation is horrible for anyone to see in this world.
I felt embarrassed when I saw the news all over the world.
"When did you get so fragile?"
Shouldnt you be holding hands together and building up the country?
Is it worth to give up the once great union for a single word of"god"?
Where is your once glorious "bersatu dan maju"?

The fire might have destroyed the building, but I truly believe that union between people will not be destroyed so easily.
It was said that "the land that spilled with my blood is my country" and "god gave happiness for the people".
If there should be a war declared, it should not be a civil war.

I am not writing to show how arrogant I am and telling to others that my words held new and intriguing insights that nobody in You had ever thought of or heard before.
I am writing to do as much as possible as I can as a student to help you.

If there is a wish for every meteor fallen on this earth, I will stay out every night to wait for meteor rain.
I wish that this country will back at once again.
It will be.
refer to Margaret Atwood- A Letter to America

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Xiang Rong said...

wow.. I agree absolutely... Terrible things happen in Malaysia a lot recently..