Its probably an once in a life time "bomb in the bus" experience.

It was a snowing day, some people slept in the bus while others enjoying the scene from Washington DC to New York. Most of us are sleeping and try to get as much rest as possible before reaching New York.

But one of the passenger in the bus are not.

We woke up by the sudden stop of the bus in the middle of the highway. At first I thought it was just a routine stop so that people can go to restroom or grab some snacks.
The next scene is what makes the day interesting.

About 4 police cars surrounded the bus and ask the driver to go down from the bus.
I wasn't aware of the incident until I saw a tall inspector-like guy come up to the bus and ask us some question about the changing of driver.
So I thought what is actually happening to myself at that moment, but only she knew what was happening.

Maureen, the girl was later asked by the police to go down from the bus. At first I thought it was like some illegal immigrant kind of stuff. But it was more than that.

The bus driver then come up to the bus and whisper to the front row passenger
"That girl is crazy, she said there's a bomb in the bus"

I figured it out immediately. The girl actually thought that the bus was hijacked because there was a change of driver about 1 hours ago.

So the whole thing becomes connected, that girl thought the bus were hijacked by this pakistanis-looking driver and that he is going to drive us all to hell on new year eve.(literally speaking).
On the one hand you can say that this girl watched too much movies. On the other, she was just being cautious. A lot of issues actually contributed to this incident, discrimination is definitely one of them.

I believe part of it is because the 911 smashed too hard on the country, it probably will never be forgotten by them anytime soon, though it had been nine years now. It just too painful for them to see their friends or family pass away in such a sudden and unexpected way.

After the incident, I looked out to the window.
I can hardly imagine about living a life in danger, nor in fear.
I couldnt help to look at her in the bus
I think she actually did something good for her, and of course

for us.

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Siew Ying Ooi said...

Like this post... I like how you put this incident into words hehe. Is this your one and only "bomb" experience in US? hehe Appearance vs Reality, like how you described New York City and Washington Dc.