Well Well, should post some pictures of what I was doing for few weeks before this.

I finally went to Vancouver not-so-tall looking tower. I mean thats the only thing you can do to get to know one city right? Go to a higher place and have some sunset photo, then go down again. Well, It might not be as tall as other building, but I got some special feeling about this city night view because I had spend half year in this city and still counting!

This is probably the best shoot of the day, the white egg like building is BC place Stadium

You might say its pretty tall, but not after u see the comparison between this tower with the other tallest buildings in the world.

Yes, not even longer than your little finger

I tried one of a new thing in my life, LASER TAG. At first we thought we were the oldest among the people there. But it turns out that there is an older guy in his 50s who named himself as "terrorist X" won the game. Yea, older ginger is always hotter. Guess he spent a lot of time there shooting children.

Good thing is, I keep on improving in those three games, it ended up with I ranked as 4th place among some old wolves. Frankly, kids are easy target. And it was fun fun fun!
We four stay in a group and kept shooting whoever came into our territory, its a better way to win the game because some random guy will just bump into us and we will earn extra point by shooting them. Pity them.

The ranking make me so proud. lol. After all, its not really expensive, three games for $18. Each game for 20 mins

So here are some random pictures.
Like seriously random!

I managed to impersonate 盧廣仲, its kinda good to share. I guess.

This one was inspired by my brother. He said middle cut hair will make you looks like Yoga lin
No comment on this picture please, its just for fun

Tell me i dun look like 林亞珍 anymore, please. I change my hair line to the right already

Just some quick update,
I feel very very contented here. Its just couple of weeks more from going back to Msia.
Some people ask me why I go to classes that I am not into
And the reason is I like the feeling of knowing that I am still not as knowledgable as I thought.
Looking at those unknown formula on the blackboard make me realize that I had so much to learn in life!
I set up quite a lot of travel plans during this summer because I know there might not be chances for me to go those places again.
Once I graduated from U, I will need to work, work, work hard, harder, hardest.
Then I will have family, need to strive for promotion, no holiday, OT on Sunday. Then what?
I am old and I cant walk anymore.
Whats the point of that kind of life?
So now I remind myself always:"Wake up you, you are missing out! There's something called life"
Till then, good luck every SPM-ians and STPM-ians.
Especially you, and you :)

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Anonymous said...

ur middle line hairstyle laugh my ass off...cant really tahan

luvprada said...

while reading ur post, i have these things flashing through my mind:

then move to

so u did it..
haha.. :)

galaxy0412 said...

walau... u looks really funny in 盧廣仲 n yoga lin's looks...hahaha...
by the way,
who is 林亚珍?i have no idea of who is that....

Anonymous said...

nice attempt


vnnie said...

lol...thx...u make me laugh even i actually sad..^.^