So it is a raining day, which is not a strange day for Vancouver.

The showers doesnt make the day cold, its like 6°C.

So I went to run in this 33 trails park which cover as big as 763 hectares of land.
The name of the park is Pacific Spirit Regional Park.
Its always wonderful to have a park or beach around your campus because you can always find peace in this kind of places after the torturing of those midterms and assigments.

I must say that the park is big, even bigger than UBC itself.
So I started off by going into one of the trail, which i dun even know which trail it is.
So it goes, one trail after another one trail after another and on and on and on.
Coz I feel like if I want to stop, there must be someway out for me.
And even if I meet an dead end, I can always turn back.
That apply to life as well isnt it?
Then I recalled a time when I was still in Secondary school and the first Gold Medal I ever got in my life. I admit that I am not a good runner, I never was.
The day before the competition was tough for me, I even count the probability of me winning then race.
It comes out zero.

Because I am the youngest runner among them all, physically and mentally.
At first I was aiming to become the second runner up of the race. Which at least I can still get a medal anyway.

But when the harsh word come to my ear, I know that I shouldnt be so scare.
"Those who dunno how to run better leave the field now."
It stung.
I know I was the one who was "being not knowing how to run but still on the field".
So I said I must win the race.
Well, it turns out that I managed to win those well-experienced runner. And for the 800m race the next few days.
They dare not to show up anymore. Because they know they have made a mistake.
Big one.

This moulded me.
I am not a very big fans of luck, and I know the more I do, the more I will get.

I always love the feeling of being in a team.

Every accomplishments starts with the decision to try
What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

And there is a very great quote that I love
"If you cant excel with talent, triump with effort"- Dave Weinbaum.

For my frens who just get their STPM and SPM result, good luck in everything.

And oh ya! 49days away from home.

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waaa *clap clap*!! i cannot run liao. hahaa!!

n yerr you are going back so soon? I still have 4 more months before going home :(


btw can i add your blog to my blogroll please?

sN@iL0810 said...

of course u can, i need some viewer from Dublin too :P