Unconscious mind is sometimes a real threat to ur patient
This few weeks I keep on dreaming about going back to Malaysia and have a lot of fun back there

Is it a sign or something?

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Dreams reflect what you want unconsciously indeed. It is not hard to do what you want to, but it's not always easy to stay happy with what you can't have. We always have to sacrifice somethings if we want to achieve soemthing more, it's the same as getting something in return when we are losing something else. I believe, homesickness and loneliness or any other obstacles will not be a problem for you, because life is tough, but you are tougher with your family and friends supporting you. Right? Good luck :) I can't really help you in anything, but I choose to believe in you that you are the only one that can help yourself through this. Hope to see the happy-go-lucky and optimistic lee lung again!