Time flies, I had been here for like half year already.
It feels like I actually did nothing much here for this half year. But then when I think back, I actually learnt quite a lot of things.
Studying abroad is not as easy as you think.

First you need to adapt to the culture, and then the people, then the weather. And the list goes on and on and on!

Poof! here is what I did for this half year.

August, 2008

The first week I arrived here, things are great. Great weather, great people. And great scenery here. I found that I start to love this country. Love the wont-make-you-sweaty sun here. I tried to explore as many places as I can here because I am that kind of butt itchy people who likes to see new things and experiences new things.

September, 2008

I felt that I cant leave myself out of sport here, so I start to train with the track & field team here in UBC. Much surprise, I cant perform well here due to the cold weather that I hadn't been used to. I always finish the training the last one and I tell myself I must do better each time.
But when the weather turning colder, my lungs cant take it anymore. When I am trying to sprint, I will experience serious pain in my lungs.
So I told my coach
"Coach, I promise I will do better and I will come back next year to join you"
And he said
"Go do it boy, I know you can do it!"
And FYI, the team itself have some Olympic candidates. I know I can improve a lot by joining the team.
And one more thing, I am the only Chinese in the team, thats why I told myself I need to do better when I am ready.

October, 2008

One month pass again and its near Autumn, the leaves had turned red and the scenery is just wonderful here. The temerature drop to 2°C sometimes and I had decided to stop running outdoor. I got to know a lot of friends and senior here and had a lot of outing this time. I feel alive.

November, 2008

The first ever Halloween customes party in my life. Its really fun to see people dressing in different way on the street. I mean how often will you see robin and batman are standing in front of you? Or how often can you see the "invinsible" man standing visible in front of you?
Its a great day and I decided that I will turn myself into a girl next year.

15 December, 2008

It snowed really a lot this year. I had the very first snow in my life. Its wonderful, but it makes you hard to walk in the same time.

20th December 2008

I snowboarded for the very first time in my life and it was fun! I promised myself that I will tried it every year and I want to master snowboard before I finish my study.

22 December 2008

The first Dong Zhi away from home. I realize that I actually going to spent some of the important Chinese festival without family for four years. Including Chinese New Year. I felt sad because its what shown inside the picture, you can eat what you suppose to eat during the festival, but you wont have the feeling of home and reunion with you.

December, 2008

Frustration strikes me hard. I had my very first sex here in UBC.
Not with people. But with my English course. I failed first year english course here. It fucked me really hard and once I thought that I cant wake up from the pain. But now I realize that without challenges, life is not worth a live.

end of December 2008
end of December 2008

end of December 2008
end of December 2008

end of December 2008

I went to visit Toronto and Montreal during winter break and it was awesome. The trip worth it because its fun to see that how much your friends had changed and surprisingly, some of them change a lot, in both attitude and their weight.

January 2009

First Chinese New Year without family was hard. I found myself in a deep depression that time. And I am longing for the smell called home so much. Some other things also happen during that time. Thank to my senior. She counselled me and I feel so much better right now. At that point of my life, I told myself "Come on! live a little!"

Then I said, I will never let other worry about me again

February, 2009

I had so much fun during the spring break, and it was the first time ever I went to a casino. It totally was a fantastic experience because we (or she alone?) hit the jackpot that night. I felt lucky that day. By the way, the money won was just enough for pop corn and coke. Because the money betted wasn't much but it does triple up the money. Anyway, I felt contented because I ticked one more thing in my to-do-list.

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bzz said...

I actually didn't take much pics of the red maple leaves. Bahh, guess I've to catch up in the coming Autumn.

I can't write a post like this though,there isn't 29 feb this year.

But will wait for this halloween. Someone's dressing up like a girl XD!!!!Must be very funny.

galaxy0412 said...

i am also waiting for the next year halloween too... haha...
it must be very funny one...

Anonymous said...

nice memories.

sN@iL0810 said...

someone need to borrow me dress then :P

m2on said...

(I decided that I will turn myself into a girl next year.) ??

but why?
It is boring to be a girl :(

but maybe If you want,I will borrow you one :D.