UBC 15.12.08
Since I come here,

I realize quite a lot of things.

One of the very remarkable thing i discover here is "see first la syndrome"
Dun believe a word of that guy/girl if he/she is telling you this after u offer he/she a trip or something like that

Its definitely a big NO NO.
see first la=no
It somehow became a norm for people here not to reject directly.
Well, why am I hating this?

For a start, it makes you pretty difficult to live with. You dun even know whether you need to count him/her into the event if you are trying to plan something.

And the whole point is
You have a Decision.
Act accordingly

You remain indecisive
Means you are ignorant.

You are the decider, and you should be the one who decide on things

Here I am, longing for more sunshine in Vancouver.

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PehHwa said...

you took the pics? It looks so nice.

sN@iL0810 said...

ya, i took those pic myself :)