This is not like a sentimental post, but I will let u see the pro and cons of studying here

-You will get to experience the four season which some of you might longing for it.
-You will get to touch the snow in real life
-You will actually see hot ladies walking by and wearing only bikini
-You will have some very great pizzas here
-You can actually wear more layer of cloth and become more fashionable
-You can lay on the grass and studying there and no one will come and say you are "siao"
-You can shout during Friday midnite and people will only say you are such a party King/Queen rather than throw you a slipper.
-You can hold your gf/bf hand and kiss them on the road without getting summons
- You will get the chance to buy those luxury branded things as here is so much cheaper than back in Msia
- To learn English

- You will miss a lot of big days
(if you are Chinese, you will miss Chinese New Year, Mid-autumn festival, Dong zhi and the list go on)(If you are Malay, you will miss Hari Raya)(Same thing goes for Indians)
-You cant go out run as frequently as you did, because of the weather here
-You wont have the mood to go out during night (should i put this in pros?)
-You will not be able to see your family for quite a long period
-You will miss the big day of couple, Valentine's day
- You will craving for any nice food because somehow your stomach just doesn't fit western food
- You can't understand why they like to get drunk so much
-You will need to bear with those who will routinely party during Friday night
- You will be crowned as "Asian"
- You will need to wear wear wear to go out, then take off take off take off to go inside the house
- You might feel tough to follow the syllabus as some lecturer love Canada so much and will only talks about Canadian issues in the lecture which u know nothing about it at all.
- You will gain fatsssss if you are that kind of one-scoop-will-be-fatter-type people

What more what more, there is soooo many more....

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galaxy0412 said...

one more pro there...
the speed of internet is X0 times of malaysia n u can dl many movies in a short time...

zhang said...

Shopping n travelling should also be included into the pros leh~ LOL~ ^^
Then no gals to tackle should be included into the cons leh~ LOL~ ^^

*=*XuAn*=* said...

'You will actually see hot ladies walking by and wearing only bikini'

----the main reason HS likes Canada!

linzaivernon said...

i like that one shout at friday mid night