Well, its something about me right now.

I am currently taking Women Studies as one of my elective course.
Its kinda hard for me when the lecturer ask me to think what is the unfair thing that happen to women nowadays in the world.

Hmm, how should i react on that?
Seriously I dunno the answer

The leaves turn into red, autumn is here. And winter is near

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Teddy said...

Suggested answer.

Prof/Dr/Mdm/Sir (salutation depends on the designation) [1M],

Even as the world says that we have achieve modern civilization [1M], it is still rather sad that in many parts of the world, women have not been given due recognition in their ability to contribute to the society[1M].

Back home in Malaysia, there are certain parties which believe that women should not be working [1M], instead they can only stay at home as housewives [1M]. These male chauvinist still believe that working for a living is still strictly a job for the men [1M] and women leaving home to work outside will only cause trouble such as rapes, etc as they expose themselves to such risk [1M]. Some also believe that women are more emotional rather that rational, hence rendering unsuitable in working for the society [1M].

Such mindset can also be seen in the Middle East countries [1M], where most of the women are still strictly prohibited from stepping outdoors into the working world [1M]. There are also deprived from many rights such as the right to education [1M]. They are also not allowed to participate in sports [1M] even though they may be able to contribute towards the glory of the country [1M].

Total: 13M (10M max)

nana said...

haha...im taking as well.. Usually it's hard for men to pass this subject!

Dragon Sister said...

u jz answer, " how come i know since i m a man. u need to ask those gals in the class.. i come here is to learn more about the women."