First attempt, I thought i couldnt make it to one hour. At last I did it.

one hour. 10352 Strides. 686.4 calories were burned

Just wondering will this kind of bike cheaper since it only have one wheel? Bikes here are darn expensive, some reach 1000++ dollars. Maybe this should be the alternative instead.

After the gym session. I ate.

Pretty Western style EH?

I finally got the parcel from my brother in Australia. Although I get immediately "frust" once I opened the parcel. But I do appreciate his effort of doing all this since I am alone here without family. Feeling warm right now *_*


Oh ya! yesterday was the first day of fall. Happy fall everyone

I personally think this picture bring some meanings. Some leaves turn into red but some havent. Doesn't this applied to the world as well? Some people will do better preparation before an important event but some did not. So, which one are you?

And for those who were not ready yet, what are you waiting for?

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.

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wjleong said...

wakao, 1 hour... if me i die liao lo...

and the bike... one tayar only!! haha cute leh~~

chiken and egg only? no rice? must got rice ma, then become chicken rice... btw, i miss MILO~~

whats inside the parcel? hehe curious~~

and the last paragraph kinda meaning full...
i am the second one i guess...

anyway TC~