This is what i learned in Women Study

Its men fault when all women start on diet because that’s the way men want them to be.

And also I learned that the bottles of coca cola are actually made from the perspective of men, who wish to see perfect shape as it applied to women

yea, its kinda interesting because maybe some men will use their left hand to hold the bottle(or maybe right hand) then use the other hand to DIY.

First off, the Coke bottle itself is perfectly easy to grip and it’s curvy shape resembles the woman’s body, a timelessly beautiful structure.

Check out this lovely photo montage with Tyra Bank’s body merged with a Coke bottle

oh ya, one more thing for girls. If people call u a Coca-Cola bottle, you should really take that as a compliment.

If they call you Coca-Cola can, you will know what to do next

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