yea, I purposely went to try the favourite fried chicken again.

This time is not other place but Vancouver.

I would say the Chicken is only still ok. Ok to put in mouth but not ok for KFC addictor like me. There is some different between the size, smell, and shape of the food here though.

here is the pictures

The special thing about potato smash. Its actually in a liquid form here. Where i cant have the feeling of biting the potato. You can only swallow it since its like a sup.

7UP here is bad too. The taste isnt so nice to me

And Coke do have a different taste here, but its ok for me

till then, tata

*Malaysia KFC still the best

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linzaivernon said...


Anonymous said...

Is it bcoz of the quality of ur picture or the lighting of your camera... all do not look appetizing at all..
even OZ one is better, i tot OZ one is one of the most lauya already..

*=*XuAn*=* said...

seriously, the fried chicken didn't look nice, at all.

vnnie said...

lol...i think chin tian will like the potato...

Anonymous said...

no xi pin geh?
snail like to eat xi pin