Well, guess its time to post up something about BTN now.
But this will only be opnion and feeling towards the camp. Not the routine.

Ok, first of all, i think the camp is same as what u thought before u go in (i did mean something here)
The facility of Kem Bumi Jati is quite ok, at least its better than what i expected.
The camp is all about our country and I am sure you all will learnt something about it.
The camp is fun during the outdoor session.
The camp isnt fun during those LDK and ceramah. Its quite boring actually.

So anyway, there will be a physical test in the camp. Here is my result

Test Grade Mark

One leg balance A 10
Spin around A 10
Push up A 10
Rope jump A 10
Body bend A 10
Jump and clap A 10
Holding breath A 10
Pulse rate B 5

I get 75 out of 80 marks. Seriously, the test is flawed because eventhough i get almost full marks for the test. I was graded as 25-30 years old people. WHAT? yea, u need to get full marks so that u will actually fit enough to be in ur age range.
By the way, i dun think many people can get perfect score for the test as u need to keep ur pulse rate at the level of 65 per minute after so much of tiring push up, jump and clap etc....

Some people will concern about the 2km in the camp, well, its not really tough anyway. I dun think they will fail you because u didnt reach the destination in time.
The time limit is 18 minutes for guy while 24 minutes for girls.

I manage to finish it in 8 minutes 57 second. Feel a bit dissapointed with it. Coz i think i can do better than that.

Then it comes to Kembara. The track line of the whole kembara is walking into a palm tree estate. And the distance of the walk is quite short also. You will feel like:"Is it the end?"
Nothing special about the kembara, juz try to be careful witho those weeds and maybe slippery soil.

Thats all for BTN.

*I already forgot all other things in ceramah in BTN, because i dun really wan to keep those info in mind,its bad for my health

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nana said...

why you still remember all the result??you photocopied that sheet of paper??lol

Jia Xin said...

My pics with high resolution, lolz...

luvprada said...

The lesser the pulse is, the fitter one is. Athletes pulse rate ranges from 40-60.

linzaivernon said...

if after sporting, still can 40-60 meh????