Just when I peep on the calendar
I dun even dare to look at it

How many days more do I actually have?

I feel reluctant

life is always nothing but a paradox

I am looking forward, but i am trying to go backward for those sweet sweet memories at the same time.

3 shell(s):

luvprada said...

I was thinking these few days, things will be very different without you during this summer break.

things like bringing mom around, my meal in kl in restaurant like chow yang, robson height.. all without you.. cant order more dishes..

I am sure i will gonna miss you just like everyone does.

Enjoy the remaining days in Malaysia before u leave to Canada!

Teddy said...

all the best in Canada, u r going to UBC rite?! best of luck there.. enjoy ur uni studies..

Anonymous said...

am i capable to do that?