Life is pretty good so far
except for the every minute cold weather

UBC is a really great campus which included around 42,000 students here. People around are friendly here and i feel myself isnt a stranger in this country. They actually treated all people the same.

Well, i did do some comparison with Malaysia.
i dun think i am going to say about the price of the food,
But I would say the Cola size here is different with what we had got in Malaysia
The normal can of cola here is 355ml, which is a big bigger than what i had before
The same goes to the bottle cola, its 551ml.

Oh ya, one more thing, if u love rootbeer.
Dun try it in Canada.
The taste is not like the "rootbeer" we had back there, its kinda like cola also here

Tomolo will have a downtown trip,
yeah, i AM READY for it

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