Because we are the people

6/5/2013, We might have lost the election. But we won the war.

If you were staying up late like most of the people did last night, I believed you have seen the intensity of our PM's face once BN had declared victory over PR. That, for me is not a winning face, let alone her wife's which probably was due to the botox injection.

Their words might not be the truth but the fear in their face is real. WE, you and me and 10 others millions of people who voted yesterday made a cause.

If PR managed to take their case to the court for appeal (which seem impossible now) will be great, but for now I think the more realistic way is to look forward and preparing for what's coming in the next five years.

Take it or not, it was never a question if BN will extend its decades-long grip on power in this never before hotly competitive election. Bear in mind that they only need 112 to be the slim majority government whereas Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak which was said to be BN's castle already contributed 82 seats which is 73% of what the party needed to be in power. That said, out of 133 parliamentary seats won by BN, UMNO contributed 88 by contesting 119 seats this time.

Although PR victory is not big this time, it did make progress by retaining 7 mores seats to 89 albeit of what actually happened yesterday. PR retained Penang states government which is a good news because if it doesn't, it will how how shallow Malaysian is to be affected by money politic. That is, one hope for our nation.

Malaysia internet penetration rate is at 62.3% as of January 2012, not 100%. So don't ever assume that everyone know what happened like you did. You get the privileges to read what's not on the news while the rest don't. What you can do is go out and tell those who don't what they should know instead making echoes with someone who knew. The rule is simple, influencing those who are opposing you because social media is not the tool to determine who will be our government.

The comings days are crucial. It is truly a great news to know that Malaysia have voter turnout of 80%  while the Canada has only 61.4% in 2011 and UK 65.1% in 2010. So starting to believe in your own self. Start to educate yourself about how the election works and how many seats a party has to win to become the federal government. And if you did please educate others about what you know and what is the truth. Tell them why and how they can contribute to the country because everyone of us is equally important. This, make the second hope.

It all starts with you. The path of revolution is never easy but in the end the truth is worth the risk. Be it good or bad, here, us, we all who are reading this are the one who hold the responsibility for our country's future undertakings.

You say there are five more years of darkness ahead. I say you are one day closer to the day where everything is clean and democracy wins. Don't ever lose your faith. You might not have the full control to choose who take the parliament and states seats, but you have the power to retain your faith.

Democracy didn't died yesterday. It only died when you are not believing in it.

"The Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is" -Winston Churchill.

Salam Bersih and stay Faithful.

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