When I was in my teen I have so little to worry about, the goal is,

Study, get into good university then you will get a good job=good life.

That's it! No one will be there to tell you the exact way of how to get to there but yet your parent has it for you. The "ultimate solution" that will get you through life which you probably will never regret. At least they think it is "the way"

So I didnt have much speculation of how my future life will be back then. I attended school, hang out with friends, do a lot of homework exercises, and of course eat a lot of rice. Whether you do good or do bad, you have to finish what you have started, then only you can break free from the cycle and do the things you like.

Because "the way" is fixed, what you can do is whether to do it in a faster and easier way, or take it the rough way. There is no option, either you go to university, or you are a failure. It just matters so much to parent for their children of this generation to have at least a degree.

Having a degree means more money, more status and most importantly more stable in a sense that no one can deny its mere existence, albeit of its not-so-clear-utilities.

Sadly it is now more like a have-to-acquire thing rather that a want.
I once was a kid and all I had was a dream.

But when I walked further down the road, I question myself is it the A4 size paper with my name that I seek for, or is it the knowledge that I gained on the way acquiring it?

Is it how much you know or how many marks you get in a test that probably you won't even remember 10 years from now that matter the most?

I wonder. Education happens when there's interest, and I think many had drawn into this quicksand that ate up all those academic passion and love.

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

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