2011 was a year of fear and growth.

It was a good and bad year all mix up. But the goods definitely out win the bads.
It started with the San Francisco new year eve count down, which was well spent with Mr Jay Chou.

San Francisco was great, its a city so rich in culture and heritage.
Before San Francisco was the painful 8 hours plus drive from LA to San Jose. The entire 8 hours was peaceful with some snoring sound from the back of the car. It was a tiring drive but my music kept me well awake. The journey was smooth with some short stop for naps and coffee break. It was a night drive with barely any traffic, but occasionally some aggressive truck did pass by. The darn straight long road never seem to end all the way to San Jose.

It was a little scary when you are the only one awake in that space. It was a feeling more than just lonely. When the clock ticked 8:35, we reached our destination safely.

School started, back to old business, decided to move back to campus since taking an hour bus ride to campus is too much a of a pain. Classes was good, the weather was nice and not so much snowing like the previous 2 years. Met this wonderful girl in Jan and never look back ever since.

Feb was a month of nothing special other than going to lectures and tests. Haha, but the most important things to mention here is, I adopted the habit of brushing teeth every night before i sleep (no judgement is needed here). Back to Seattle for the Spring break and have the dim sum. One of my best friend got into relationship, which surprised me, and here I gave my best wishes to them.

March actually passed too fast without me even noticing it.

Was in exam period. Struck by the news of grandpa became really sick. Feel so helpless at that moment. Wrote a blog post about it but never published it. Its a bad timing but that's life, things just happen. My childhood memory with him is not clear for me. Except the time when me and my mum went to pass him the money and the simple greeting when we got together for a dinner. Life was never easy at his time, with Japanese occupation and needing to feed seven mouths.
Good news is he is perfectly well now, and I am really glad for that.

May was a month of big feast and catching up with friends and family. Went for karaoke session with family once I reach the airport. Had lots of fun and feel safe with the people you love around you. Had been missing too many good food that I have to take it all back within the four months window that I have back home. Met the girl of my life for the first time once I get down from the plane. Will never forget the way she looked at me the first time. Love is just something that you cant explain by words. Perhaps crazy is the word for this month.

June was a month of travelling, so was July actually. Went to Hong Kong, Macau and Bali for the second time. Caught a glimpse on where my future will be headed towards. Finally got to take a good picture Hong Kong night scene, still the best I have ever seen in my entire life.

This is the moment when I decided to cut the angel's wing not allow her to go back to heaven or to anyone else.
I was kinda tired of just existing before her arrival, I wanted to live. Sometimes before this I feel like my existence is merely for others. These questions went through my mind over and over again till I reached the point of not wanting to wake up from the dream that felt so real to me.

Later the India trip became an important transition point in my life.
You cant to be something that you are not, you have to be you.
You intensely love novelties in order to hate them more intensely afterward. Don't go chase for so many things that you didn't own. Cherish what you had, treasure what you possessed.

India was a trip of soul finding, and I found my way there. Was only browsing in Air Asia website then suddenly stumble upon the ticket and booked it. Not much thoughts was given that time but later it proved to be the best trip of my life.
Perhaps things are all in harmony all along before us, then money, power, and evil intention came in and destroy every best things in life.

Visited Korea in this month as well. The BBQ meat there is just too heavenly good.

August was about taking things slow and enjoying life as its best. Traveled in my lovely car with the love one. Stocking up things so that I wont be die of famine when I fly back to the cold country. Been trying out hotel in Kl as well. Found back some old photo and realize I was really fat back then. Like seriously fat.

These four months was all about stuck in the northern hemisphere. Spending most of my life alone here figuring out whats next in my life. Was trying to make a map for my future. Back to the gym routine, start to do exercise seriously. Got a guitar as my birthday present :D
was whining how i never got the chance to learn a musical instrument all the while but guess I go no reason to say no now.
Been working hard for my final years. Looking back everything just seems surreal to me. I have reach this point with a few regrets but much gratitude.

Also a dream kept haunted me early Novermber.
I frequently have this dream about me going into an elevator with only 13th floor and 17th floor button which strangely resemble the building I lived in now. I always refuse to step into the elevator because it seems too dangerous to me. And everytime when I take it, it will brought me to some place else.
I always take dream quite seriously, till now I still cant explain the content of that dream.

Am officially 23 in few hours time. I hope the year of 2012 will be a fruitful and rewarding year.

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gackyz said...

this is the writing I fall for <3
Happy New Year dummy.

wjleong said...

a great year ahead!