Looking back at those post that once I thought I misunderstood and now knowing I was right is kinda painful to me.

But at least I had done something I should have done at that moment to prevent further damage.

Lost time is never found again, time doesnt delay but I did.

Randomly hopped onto a bus to find a place where I belong tonight but I couldn't find any. Or maybe its because I just want to find a place that I am not familiar with I think I know too much for now. Much of what I can handle.

But the bus wont stop, it goes on and on without my knowing, or its just that I choose to ignore it. Its like looking at the same old clock that stop at 10:15 in the morning. Seeing it telling you the same time every moment there give you the same old fuzzy feeling. But things just aint the same anymore.

Its like the half truth that you know but you couldn't know for sure. Something has to be done at some time. They say big things are for the big guy, therefore was I ready to take the world with me and then collapsed in front of it. I am glad that it did happen. Not that I love experiencing sad thing, but c'est la vie, life is never simple.

Just realize that I hasn't pen down my thoughts for a while in here now.

Here is it, my feeling at this exact moment.

Je suis heureux que je n'ai pas d'espoire.

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