Friends come and go. But alas, thats life. But to know that separating is inevitable, thats the hard part.

We used to share so much laughter on the dining table. He brought me a totally new point of views that I had never seen before.
He taught me how to see the invinsible and how to smell the sounds around me.

He told me that until I read between the line, then I will only start living.
With his existence around me I remain questioning and appreciating everything.

Its not hard to get one friend, but it is to get a friend like him. At least so far in all those days that I had lived, he is one of a few that gave me that kind of feeling. Reminiscing those moment where we sing together loudly in room gave me nostalgia feeling. I know those moment will only be found in our brain. And knowing that fact that nothing will ever be the same again kinda makes me feel sad.

To have someone that have instant connection with you is not easy, especially when it is comprised of two person from totally different background.
And perhaps what we share is beyond friendship, even beyond the meaning of life.
At some point in our life we will be at the cross road of making choices, maybe once or twice we will be heading the same direction but its impossible to make the same choice all over life. There he is, making his choice for life.

To say he is good is implying that I am better that him thus I can comment of him.
and to say that I am proud of himwould be to belittle him. Being proud of him would imply that I already had the skills that he is attaining.

That is not the case.

He is doing things that I simply cannot do. He has a skillset that I will never have. It would be more honest to say that I am proud of myself for being part of the person he is becoming, for not getting in his way, for giving him every support that I can give.
He is something beyond, should he be not born in this era, he will definitely be one of the greatest person on earth that we often read in the textbook right now.

To you my friend, I hope you can get whatever you want in your life.

To us, may we all meet in another stage of our life and telling each others our own story.
Good luck.

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