Life has been good to me recently,
I learnt a lot

I realized that self fullfilling prophecy really exist in this world. People will fill in the details they want thus perceiving this world as what they thought how it should be like.
Education cant provide us a line that distinguish what is correct and what is wrong for us. Everyone has their own ruler. There are too many jabronis in this world, they didnt walk their talk. They show off to people around them saying how good they are and how are they going to do something impressive. Instead of saving power to face their life, they are bragging how hard is it for others to be in their situation, but do they really know how others' situation is like?

In a way they are trying to impress everyone, but are they?
Its good to share your experience with others, but its not when you simply assume that you are working harder than others because you thought you were.

Being a narcissus might make them feel good, or even people around them will also feel good about them, but only naive people.
And in the end, they got nothing other than a big mouth.

The problem is, when you made the most "tabah" person in the group pissed off at you, you should know what mistakes you have done.

Love it or leave it, thats life.

I feel like I have this very "lungism" principle to live out my life. I do what I think is correct and let god to decide the rest for me. When I know someone is not good for my life, I will slowly move out from his/her circle because I know the longer I stay, the more danger I would be in.

My law of live is simple.
If you treat me good then I will treat you double good.
If you treat me bad I will definitely remember it.
People may say that I am being mean to those people, maybe they just did mistake.
But you can never guarantee there wouldnt be second times.

I see how people live through scornful remark flabbily, and I think its wrong. I think there is a need for me to correct those who made scornful remark instead of swallowing it silently. I believe in laissez-faire. I know everyone has their own freedom of how to live out their life, thus I wont say I am the one who live out the 100% life over others.
Of course I am not a perfect person, I do have my flaw as well.
*end of bragging

Recently I found that I had a very good ability on recognizing faces, I can nearly recognize everyone from my class even though I had never talk to them before. Maybe a big chunk of my brain had been using up to recognize face, that why I cant do great in study :(

Some funny thing to share, someone say I look like this guy few days ago.
Michael Cera
acted in Superbad and Juno.

So I attach my own pic here for comparison.
They now call me Asian Michael Cera.

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galaxy0412 said...

nice post...
except for the picture comparison part... haha...