How should i describe my day.

Let me start with I was walking through my living place to the place where I took bus always.
Then I saw this kind of crystal like thing on the ground.

Then i said to myself, shit, I wasn't wearing enough cloth for the day
(my ass will totally be freezing out there after the sunset, and I might face a problem of finding that part when I was going to pee also!)

But still, I continue to walk there even though I already anticipated a non-stop snowing night for the day.

Afterward, lets say that I was having a great day with my milk tea and my food.

I also not so sure that what interested us so much and make us stay inside the shopping mall till 9pm. And then, we walked out from the mall and we saw this

Wooooottttt, it snows! (yes, the it means the sky)

I was always trying to find a bigger button or this cloth, and I got one today, not to mention the lower part "button"

Well, its -3°C by that time and I was only wearing two layer. Two very thin cloth where people can actually see through my nipples.(of course I am just kidding and dun expect for the nip slip picture of mine, i dun have it)

For a moment, I thought I was in Heaven, but then I woke up when the snow hit my eyes.
Darn it, it hurts and I was back to the reality

And for sure, what can four sampa kia who never see snow before who have cameras on hand who are very free who live in Equator line or better known as Khatuliswa zone for Malaysian do?

Take picture lo

And I did one more thing, I opened my mouth and try to eat the snow as if I never drink water before. For a second, people beside me was looking at me and I realized that I actually had enough water already then stop.

And the lesson I learned is, you will actually get urself outstanding by standing in the snow because the snow will add some white color on you.

Special effect of Canon bloody snow

And FYI, i was carrying a rice cooker and some grocery when its snowing, and I wasnt wearing any cap that time.

So....it resulted in this.

(parental advise needed)

No no no, I dun mean the snow should take the responsibility for creating my distorted face, for sure I mean my hair and my cloth.

17 more days to 09!

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Anonymous said...

crazy, wear more...
the last picture S+S=sampat and siao?

Ying Xuan said...

nice pics...
i wish to see snow too...

*=*XuAn*=* said...

well, dont worry too much, vnnie will take care of her at work

Rosemary said...

u looks realy enjoy with it~XD

p/s:i moving to another blog already..

vnnie said...

yalo...i'll take care sapphire de...
u know...i'm the maid and she is the queen mah...so dun worry la king...

linzaivernon said...