Running in the weather under 10 celcius is not fun at all.
But I believe I can find something interesting about it.
And I know I will be better in it.

this field is now the place for me to run.

Oh ya, its getting a little bit foggy this few days.
Probably is the effect of raining. The visibility is like 500metres at most.

Here come fouding of the week. Kopiko from Malaysia. Used to be my favourite

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Rosemary said...

lol..it's fun when u run in the field with the cold weather..u know y ya? wont feel very hot~~~haha..run in hot weather in malaysia aso gua gua jiao..run in cold weather aso gua gua jiao..slp at home is better~~XD

luvprada said...

u can see all those fog-haze in malaysia..so nth special..haha

Anonymous said...

those who never run in cold weather apparently dunno how is it like.

Teddy said...

how come u can buy this sweet in canada wan?