Maybe it is just Malaysia English standard. Most of us get a not so good result for English.

I was talking with my english lecturer and told her that English was not my first language.

She replied me
"Its ok to make grammatical mistake. And people who speak english since they are small make grammar mistake too. The most important thing is you need to know that you know how to speak more than one language"

yeah. it is definitely a great thing about Malaysian.

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*=*XuAn*=* said...

proud to be Malaysian

Anonymous said...

proud to be malasysian too, btw we need improve our speaking

Anonymous said...

dude I'm so proud as well. When I start speaking in mando, they'll go "Woah, your mando's not bad eh!", then I start speaking in canto, they go "WOAH!" and I go, "Duh, I'm a Malaysian." :D It feels good to fool people with my bad canto.

Haha have a great birthday yeah :) Take care.