I went for another workout session this morning.
They usually run 10km and I follow them.
I think I can compete with them.
But long sleeve and glove is a must for running in a 3°C morning.
I did pretty well and I must let them know that Chinese can run well too.
I must.

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H.S. said...

3°C morning and run 10km.

My body is shaking under this temperature.
U have a strong stamina..

Take care of your body.

Good luck ^^

*=*XuAn*=* said...

yeah,u can do it!

Zxong122 said...

Woo.it's amazing.Running in 3 degree Celsius is totally incredible...Haha.Anyway,I am sure you would be able to do it,just as how you are able to emerge as the Olahragawan in high school.All the best for you.Do take care of your health in the midst of seeking glory as well as proving yourself and Asian.

kl said...

Wow, cool~I'm proud of u~
but yea, do remember to take care~

Teddy said...

3 celcius, i rather sleep in bed.. haha

Anonymous said...

i dont think it is a good thing to do that, at least for now..
ur body need time to slowly adapt so

Ying Xuan said...

NIKE!!! love it loveit
Fight for yourself

linzaivernon said...

after doing some 'research' i found the stuff.

1. hardisk
2. nike pants (short,medium,long)
3. shoes (not shoe, is shoes)
4. x glove, but chelsea jersey.
5. hehe

Rosemary said...

jia you jia you~~~~u c la..oil so expensive already i stil adding oil for u~~XD