A luxurious wedding

Dun ever look down at people who came from kampung. Because they can do some really big things sometimes. Here is one of it, this guy actually use 10+ sport car or branded car like Mercedes CLS320 for his wedding. Its kinda crazy but definitely people will remember this dinner for a long time as its quite special.

GTR, Mers, bla bla bla

I wish to have those

This is the wedding scene, they invite Xiao Feng Feng(小凤凤), a local singer for the singing performance.

This is the most interesting part of the dinner, the guy manage to invite the olympic-gold-medalist-to-be to his wedding. Lee Chong Wei. I was finding chance to take picture with him the all the time and finally i get one.

Tan Boon Heong is also there tonite. They said Koo Kien Kiat did show up too but i didnt see him the whole night.

Lol, i ask my fren to curi capture this

I wish to take photo with Tan Boon Heong also but he is carrying the coconut desert and eating all the way from the hall to his car...so....I only manage to take one photo in the end.

I did shake hand with him and tell him to jia you for Olympic. My mum did the same as well :)
*his hand is quite big, maybe because of playing badminton for long time*

Their car!!! Wish Lee Chong Wei, Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Kiat will win the very first gold medal in Olympic 2008 for Malaysia.

Good Luck!!!

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Teddy said...

whose wedding wor? can invite so many big ppl go wan...

linzaivernon said...

i want see....