Bagan Nakhoda Omar (Sabak Bernam)

This is the name of our destination this time. We are too free thus we explore some places where we all never been there.
So, we drove to this not-so-pretty beach. Anyway, its rated the second best beach in Selangor(maybe there is only two in the list). I wont say the beach there is bad because i had seen worse here.
I had been to a few beach before, this is more like a civilized beach, what i mean here is there were some buildings or pavement there for tourist attraction purpose.
Same gang again, maybe i really need to think a group name for us edi
Let the pictures do the talking.
I would say the color of the plants there is nice, one of the best green color i ever saw.

Lets fly to the place so i can do the picture describing

Here we are, for the album cover again *_*

See those green color, its so amazing

Group of five

Emo, as what we always did

Appreciate life

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I found the road to go out from here!!!!

Where the hell is the exit?

Couple of the day, their clothes match coincidently

Technical problem, she suppose to smile like me in this picture

Children please dun try this at home

Give her some food, wont ya?

Pointing to the aim of our life, as high as we can

Pointing to you, because you are the only one who can only make ur dream come true

The pondok seem a bit old, but we still take it as a spot

This guy is trying to put himself to where he wishes to go so long

A happy trip^_^, love u all

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Teddy said...

wow!! must be fun...the pics all real nice..hehe

Anonymous said...

so biasa punya scenery, but so many patterns...

vnnie said...

i dun need any food ok??

linzaivernon said...

who took the pic?

Anonymous said...

pic again

Ju-jitsu said...

wat a colourful life.hah!

galaxy0412 said...

big frog saying something here....

vchin said...

wat a nice question from linzai!!hahahhaahqa

Ying Xuan said...

the pic that u capture water! nice la!!!!

*=*XuAn*=* said...

who took the pic? hmmmm....