KFC tour

seriously, i love KFC. Thats why i will try to try every places KFC whenver i could. Even when i go abroad, i will try to eat KFC to try on the taste. Please take note, each KFC have different taste. I was inpired by my elder brother i guess. Anyway, i always wish to be a KFC agent so that i can eat KFC for free, but then i dunno how.

Here is one, in Kuala Selangor, a new one, a nice one also. I like the design of the shop, simple and nice.

Some other pictures. We went to Watson afterward. Found some interesting stuff there

Quack! quack! I thought this one is in DIGI ads.

the special thing about this one is the words

A sense of obsence here @@

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linzaivernon said...

wow... same interest with me.
i found that the most tasty and biggest kui ba is locate at kapar

vnnie said...

wow....the tooth-set really cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, m'sia kfc is still the best among those i have tried before.(Germany, Taiwan, HK, Dubai, Australia, Thailand, SG).

As for m'sia, KLCC's KFC taste very bad. the most recent satisfactory KFC i tasted is the KL sentral one.

Teddy said...

u think too much?
y izit obscene?