Now, its turn to show u all my motivation to train hard in the track&field events....
Although three years had passed, it still remain, I think it will follow me for the rest of my life. Anyway, its nice to have it since i can make a lot of story from the scar to my friends.
Oh ya, the scar is also the reason why i can jump+run after my meal
YESH!!!! thats what other people cannot do!!! coz i dun have appendix

It was 22 December 2004, after i got my PMR result and going to start my Form 4.
Its like the biggest turning point of my life

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luvprada said...

u can make a tattoo on it..
i suggest one sentence,


sN@iL0810 said...


linzaivernon said...

tattoo a snail. yeng

Teddy said...

becoz u no appendix
so u can jump n run better than other ppl?!
doctor say wan ah?
dats interesting..