Due to some of my readers cannot read chinese, so this post i will post using English
(specially dedicated to Kirtti)
This few days is quite nice, nice environment, nice people around and nice friends
Feel like everything is getting smoothter
As the grauation day comes nearer, my heart become so excited
I wan to go to a trip!!!
A totally goes wild trip!
After one year of assignment, I feel like wan to take a walk to some places i wish to go before i get into this course
My IELTS is still in remarking process, for sure, i heard some good news aboout people who manage to raise their band from 5.5 to 7.0
I hope i can be like him also. But this time i didnt give so much hope for it, before i was really suffering from a terrible heart-ache that day when i receive my result. So, i dun really wish to get hurt again.

Just pass my Data test and King Lear last quiz, all end quite well.
I get the highest marks in KING LEAR test 48/50
Feel ok about the data test as well.
Going to have moviesss this week i guess. Cause the last movie i watch was Vantage Point and its like yearssss ago. Pathetic huh? Anyway, i should be able to catchup two movie this week and i hope i really could.

Why feel so restrained by having all those assignment? Take a breath its all like a piece of cake for us. Plus, we have nothing to lost for those assignment but marksss to gain ^_^

3 shell(s):

zhang said...

two movies??

i think i can only watch 1 leh...
waakkaka~~ Xp

Teddy said...

from 5.5 become 7.0?!?!?!?!?!?!

y the error in marking so big wan...

nana said...

king lear got 50 overall one?not 40 only?