Desperation trembled over my naked body and my uncovered soul
Lord, please help me and tell me what should I do

I am too bad to accept good things from u,
I need strength and i need power to overcome this

I am not god
I cant either separate the ocean into two or heal the blind
I am just a human who have only naked body and a blood filled body
I Am Only Human.

Everyday I strive to be.
As great as he.
And everyday I fail.
Cause I am only what He made me.
I am only human

Going to make mistakes

Going to have bad thoughts

Going to get envious

Going to want more when I have enough

If i really do make a mistake, tell me and i will change it

i am going to leave soon i guess....leave to a place i feel safer

and for sure better

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-LEONG- said...

wat la u...
last time i bad mood.
now ur turn to bad mood.
=.=" deng
we have only 35 days in ICPU
so must try to be happy...
thats it...
we must go eat lunch more often next time^^



jw said...

yaya! us stalkers tried to cheer up leong edi by harrassing him every day! u wan us to do tat to u oso meh??? NOT SCARED ONE AR??? LOL~~

sN@iL0810 said...

nice to know that u also read my blog jw
the husband of two wives :)
Anyway, life is like a box which full of surprises
Bad things do happen sometimes.
Obviously, i am in the bad mood now, but i am sure lucky will come after my bad luck

As i promise, i will better soon.

Tomolo morning perhaps?

*=*XuAn_W@i*=* said...

life doesn't go easy all the time,
the most important thing is that how do we face it.
toughs will never be easy if u keep urself in the bad mood...

Mrs.Winson~~ said...

okok..tml morning make sure u gv us a GRIN SMILE!!!!! even an evil SMIRK oso can!! haha.....gambatteh^^V

jior!! GIAWENTZ!!! u see!!! u flirt until everyone knows that!

snail, 'she' got 3 wives ler! another one is a mui zai,not official wan! LOL...omg omg....

agree v jw...u wan us to do tht to u meh?very annoying de woh?? shout ur nickname loud loud in d library n then ur chatbox wil be conquered by SAM HOT GIRLS everyday~~

vnnie said...

no matter wat brings u down....
hope u'll be better...

wjleong said...

beh tahan jw and vivian~~~
"HOT GIRLS" some more...


Ying Xuan said...

Hope that reli can see ur SMILING face tml morning!!!


PehHwa said...

walau =.=
Cheer up dude XD