i dun even realise that how hard my life will be after i experienced it!!!
i woke up late today morning and i was rushing!!!
but there is no water T_T
ater i went down to take the bus, I z realise that a lot of people went to bath at the toilet at the ARcade there, how funny is it? how come there is not notice about the water cut-off b4????
How long will it last???
water water water water water....I hope it will come when I go back Ridzuan today!!!
n oh ya, i didnt brush my teeth today! I might be smelly as well, so beware when u walk near me!!! XD

8 shell(s):

lestermichael said...

hahaha the same thing happened to me..but I went to yi xoing's house to hit the shower..LOLs

Ying Xuan said...

Yucks! Din brush teeth?!
I went up to A25 to use their toilet and this make I'm late for my1st period.
Only Block B dun hv water supply.

Teddy said...


everyone in Taylors no water?! hehehe

OMG!!! din bathe la u all!!! hahaha

Meng Zhen 铭正 said...

kane , when no water ? y i din relaize 1?

Ji Yan said...

LOL...block A has no problem~

sN@iL0810 said...

haiz....they say second times edi~crazy la

PehHwa said...

wakaka.... just jump into swimming pool to bath lo. LOL

Anonymous said...

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