ERm, actually going to KL is not really a special thing to me as i work at KL for like two month after i graduated from my secondary school
but this time is more special because i went to some interesting place!!!
ok...start from the very morning, the bus which fetch us to CEC (near KLCC) leave on 10.30 but we are not really punctual person!!! ya, US!! all of us (my housematessss)
so we went down about 10.40am and the bus was not there~~haix....we thought we missed the bus that time but luckily we are not coz we went to the wrong gate (suppose to be gate one)
so....about 11.30, we reach the CEC and went for lunch at secret recipe
The tom yam kung there is not as hot as what i expected...haiz, i bet with wei ren and i lost RM5 for that T_T
Afterward, we went into the Education fair spot and trying to get some waived fees Uni there and i apply for three UNI there which are University of Lethbridge( the representative was so jovial, so i decide to give this uni a chance ^^), University of Winnipeg, and University of Charelton. MM, the total of Unis i applied are now eight!!! My mum and my bro acompany me for the application as well.
In the education fair, i found out something, for university of Waterloo, social science student will automatically get a place in this Uni if their mark over 70%. But for Engineer student, they only take about 10 applicants from 500 applicants (its good to be a social science student sometimes).
MM, afterward, i went to the Pavillion for shopping instead of KLCC because there is a demonstration there that day, There was a lot of police there!!!
Accidentally, i found out something interesting, a cloth that cost RM7100!!
RM7100=two of my laptop,hundred of my NIKE shirt, 35 of my shoes and the whole year of my expenses!!!!
Anyway, come to the best part of today!!
THe outlook of the shop
They are actually biting ur leg!!
ITs really itchy~~
MY lovely mum
My bro suggested me to do hand reflexology also @@
It works!!!
After the 30 minutes theraphy
for who interested, there is some package...u can choose to do the 30 minutes spa for RM38 and there is foot and whole body massage treatment there as well....TRY it and i think u wont regret!!
oops, my leg feel fresh now!!
p/s: something to share about Pavillion Parkson
lets take a look with the fiting room, its even better than the room i sleep now @@

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earrings said...

fitting room is captivating!!!!!!!!

sN@iL0810 said...

for girls la, but dunno why they use so much space for it, waste la

lestermichael said...

hahahaha...ur sessions of reflexology looks so nice

zhang said...

next time i must try d fish therapy ad... :p

vnnie said...

coz girls need comment from others...so sisters can go inside the room too to give comments...ofcoz need more comfort and larger space lo...^^