The memory of me with my dad isnt that many, but there is a particular one that I wish to record down here.
It was raining heavily that day while we were on the highway after we dropped my brother off to his college. The rain was so horrible that neither of us in the car can barely see the road.
Some other cars chose to pull over because its just too dangerous to go on.
Just when me and my mum started to get nervous and worry of the road condition, he told me:

"Whenever you can't see the whats in front of you, just look at the white lines on the road, they will guide you to go further."

and that was the only sentence he spoke to me during that 7 hours journey.

I was really astonished by that word of him.
I remember as a kid, I can never see anything beyond the head light at night. But still I felt so safe cause I know my dad was the one who's driving.
Albeit of the terrible carsick I get when I was a kid, I can still see his back when he was driving. Protecting the family in his own way.

Then it comes to the point when I start to drive myself

The first time I drove for around 8 hours non stop in Ozland is something that I will never forget.

The murmuring voice beside my ears once I exceed 110km/h
Those aggressive trucks that overtook me again and again.
The dead silence when everyone fell asleep in the car.
Then ipod music I put on to prevent me from falling asleep.
And the faces of my family.
A lot of things came through my mind in that moment.
I realize I have started to give into this family.

Its not just a casual night-driving day for me. For me, its a day of growth.

And till now, I will always think of that word my dad told me when I was driving. Because he speaks so little, every word of him are so important to me.

Should you ever accidently ran into the wrong lane of life, look at the white line and you will walk straight back again.

He let me crawled and find my own ways of living so I know what suit me best.
Everyone have to fall down a few times before we learned how to walk.
It doesn't matter how others thought my father was; it matters who I remember how he was.

I must say, the greatest thing he ever gave me is his silence.
He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

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haan said...

i believe your dad would be in great pleasure if he could read this article of yours. Since you both don't chat much, what about writing to each other? :)

sN@iL0810 said...

haha, its not like this now. Our relationship is getting better day by day. But i think it needs some time. :D