Here is what sum up my 2010.

Its a new start of many things. Some lessons are best learned through pain. I lost some and of course gained some in return.

Some things started and ended as well in this year. There are some that I am glad I didnt start it at all. One thing to note that I realize there is so many side of me that no one really know about. Not even myself. When I am showing different emotion, it tends to be a different me. And so I come to conclude, maybe its best to go back to the one that know me the most. Let everything follow the flow.

I guess I had lost something that I hold most dear in my life. And of course gained something in return. Its not that I didnt try, but when something is gone, it is. But I guess things change, as how people do as well. I always come to think myself how can someone once so close and wave goodbye to you just like that. I was never the one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new.
But trust me, my memory still remain at where we used to share and laugh together.

Not surprisingly, I sleep through most of the days in 2010.

June, I had the best trip of my life so far. I must say I learn so much more about my family through this trip. What can I say? I am nothing without them. Its not until recent year I start to feel the bond with him. Albeit the distance and the latitude, just knowing that there is someone at the other side of the world sharing the same blood is enough. Recalling the time when I was driving from Sydney to Melbourne is nolstagic. Thats the time when I realized I am now at the age of taking care my family.

I am not a saint nor a superman, I am just one member of this family.

To quote what he said;

"The fundamental of our brotherhood was built on nothing but a corollary of the maternal parenthood. The brotherhood we had is not simply an adherence to biological connection, it is an outgrowth of fraternal covenant."

2010 is the year I started to set goals for my life. I had to do something in my life. And that something has to be recognizable.

Travelling around has been the thing that I keep on doing for summer. It doesnt really matter where you go, but who you go with.

I learned that every beautiful thing has thorns. It might be good to keep on doing one thing that benefit yourself, but eventually you will get caught and hurt yourself. To date, this is the biggest challenge that I face in my life.

Puntured a few times in the year, but saw and learned a lot of things in the process.

Vancouver 2010. Paralympic closing ceremony, it striked me hard that if they can do it, why not me? Where there is a will, there's a way

Set my foot in 7 countries and a few different continent. Ate quite some amount of food, got a know a few friends. Travelling is always a part of me, I always like to feel the scent of different culture and living style.

Haiti Earthquake 2010. A catastrophic 7.0M earthquake hit Haiti and approximately 3 millions people were affected. Those aid from all over the world is really heart warming. There is still hope and love in this planet. Our donation might be little but still, it helps.

Sushi. I believed I ate for more than 300 salmon sushi for the whole year.

Thailand trip 2010 is particularly interesting to me. The day before I was still lying on bed thinking where to go, the next, I am already in Thailand, it usually doesn't take long for me to do a decision. To say "see first" is not me, and I would rather do more things in life than to regret afterward.

Meet up with this guy after one year not seeing each other. He is still the same, and I think I am too. What surprise me the most is how much we growed in this one year. We shared a lot and I am really glad that I can still tell him everything.

2011, its time for me to strive for my future.
New year resolution? I have none I guess. Things change too fast that I didnt even know what will happen then next second. So this is all I did for 2010, what about yours?

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