Words are like knives. It can easily penetrated into your heart without any sense of mercy.
You can pretend that you don't care at all, but deep inside its there. And its gonna be there for a long time until you really get over it.

If you follow my blog for quite some time, its not hard to find that I am a rather sentimental person. But the fact is this sentimental part of me always keeps itself hidden from the real world. Sometimes I keep a lot of thoughts to myself. Its not that I am being selfis. To tell the truth, some words are not meant to be spoken.
Even when you shout it out loud, its not neccessary that people would believe in you.

I believe the world is always in an equilibrium and thats how it rolls.
Happy and sadness are the same.

Most of the time I am happy, but when I am alone, I gave some time for sadness to come in and conquer me.

Its me.
This is how I was brought up with, and this is gonna be how I end up with.

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Wanderer said...

yes, words hurt.

It hurts even more when your friends allow such hurts to be thrown at u to hurt you and act deaf and blind on them.

It gets worse when they don't see such words as something wrong, when you are the one being hurt, but if similar words are thrown at them, they find it wrong.

Principles is something which humans our generation lacks.