I finally got the time to sit down and put all my thoughts together.
It been a tough month, but I really enjoyed it.
It actually does feels like months.

Some people rush into our life and left. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And there is one thing that will never change, ourself. Nobody can deny the fact that we hold the ownership of it. To someone out there, please do take good care of yourself. Saying "I will be ok" and "I will be happy" is not the right way.
"will be" and "am" is two very different thing. When you say you are happy, you are. And you have to believe that you are happy.
They say you laugh because you are happy. I say you are happy because you laughed. Some people pursue for happiness, but I think we are all able to create it ourself.

Appreciate the moment. When you heard everyone is waiting for that "moment" to come. Dun wait, its already here. This is the very "moment", for now is, the next minute is, and every following minute is.
If you want to be happy, be.

Dun ask the question "Why does this happen to me" unless you ask the same question for joys that come into our way.
That is, when you are really start living.

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