There are two times when I will drop into deep thought myself.
When I bath and when I run.

One of the reason why I like running is because you can do it alone. People around you doesnt have to adjust themself to fit your time, your stamina, and your pace. Or the other way around.
This is one thing that you can do alone at anytime.
You don't have to ask other to run with you because you can do it perfectly well without others to accomodate you.

I managed to set my personal best here recently. It was beyond words.
The pace, the breath, the time, and everything is just so right for me.
Shoes does matter. It reduce the time up to 4 seconds.
Not forget the social facilitation theory as well.
With the right shoes, I can do so much more.
I think that apply to life too, with the right people beside you, you gain so much more without having to do more.
I finally have this epiphany telling me that its not the physical thing about running that I love, it also is the mental process.
It was broken, and it still is. But I gonna fix it.
I have never been so sure about what I want before but I do now.
And I gonna go for it. No matter what it takes.

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ganbatte! :D