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THis is "peaceful" Malaysia

WHat others view on Malaysia....

CAn u see the different? omg!! Malaysia government is covering the truth!!!

Not any related news inside newspaper were published! Yea, i mean true!

THis is democracy Malaysia style, we have a great government, yea, we really have.

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Sorry, i really can't find any of Malaysia news on that tear gas and water cannons....After this, we can proudly say we got a good minister and good government to lead us in this democracy country

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wkEiew said...

this is the country tat i've been lived in. Like a SHIT.
hopefully it'll change over time

wkEiew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ying Xuan said...

This is Malaysia lo.
Haha... cant say much, taking its scholarship. Wahaha...

Do visit my blog when u r free la, blogspot is better.

Teddy said...

so fast got controversial comment ah?! sampai kena delete..
not bad wor..

nana said...

haizzZ..our governemtn like to cheat us...even our own economic growth rate they also want to cheat!

sN@iL0810 said...

erm...no comment >.<

Meng Zhen said...

aiyah , the exam lah , if not i sure go 1